Monday, March 09, 2009

Lladro and Fallas


Issue Year: 2009
Sculptor: Virginia González
Size: 26x15 cm
Limited Edition 3000 pieces

The Fallas are a traditional celebration in praise of Saint Joseph, Patron of Valencia. With the air smelling of gunpowder and people gathering to share the festivities of the Fallas. Lladro have joined in the celebrations, creating three special items, in which the detail of the typical valencian costumes and intricate flower work represented in the beautiful covering on the Holy Mary, are a tribute to the Valencian Traditions. Lladro from Spain - Montinas are proud to be one of the few exclusive dealers to have these items, which will be available only in Spain for a limited period.

Lladro from Spain - Montinas

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Lladro Introductions Spring 2009


Issue Year: 2009
Sculptor: José Santaeulalia
Size: 12x12 cm

A young boy is playing at the beach with the sand. He uses a red shovel and a natural sand colour has been used on the base and inside the bucket. Lila bermuda shorts with beach tropical flowers (hawaiian). Sweet face of the kid, with thick and chubby fingers and arms... Glazed classic porcelain, updated with the red and sand colours as well as the patterns of hawaiian flowers (hibiscus). Remarkable are the engravings on the straw hat, direct on the porcelain.

Lladro from Spain - Montinas