Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Monday, February 25, 2019

Friday, February 22, 2019

Lladro 01008508 SUMMER CRUSH

Sculptor: Juan Ignacio Aliena 
Year Issued: 2009 
Year Retired: 2017 
Height (in): 7.50 
Width (in): 9.00

Thursday, February 21, 2019


Size: 22 3/4 x 14 3/4"
Tamaño: 57 x 37 cm
Year 1997
Limited Edition - 1000 pieces
Base included
Glazed Porcelain

This figurine reflects all the grandeur of the Carnival in Venice, a celebration of the rebirth of light and the end of winter.

Elegantly attired, the lady welcomes the mysterious gentleman at the foot of the stairs. Hidden behind a mask he greets her with a courteous bow. Glazes have been used in the decoration of this piece, so the finish is neither smooth nor uniform in color, instead offering a vast wealth of textures and chromatic effects making each piece a unique and unrepeatable work of art.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Lladro 010011891 CARNIVAL FANTASY

Issue Year: 2009 
Sculptor: Francisco Polope 
Size: 45x43 cm // 17.75 X 17 
Base included 
Limited Edition 2000 pieces

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Lladro 01002014 Gondola in Venice

A work inspired by the main couple in Carnival in Venice, the Lladró High Porcelain piece. This limited edition of 500 units made in glazed porcelain is finished with a coloring that includes very intense tones and exquisite floral ornamentation. A piece with great decorative potential, handcrafted in Spain.

Sculptor José Santaeulalia 
Porcelain Type Gloss 
Width (in) 7.8740 
Length (in) 37.0080 
Finished Gloss 
Launch Year 2019 
Limited Serie Units 500 

Friday, February 08, 2019

Lladro 01018204 THE KISS

Issue Year: 2006 
Sculptor: Antonio Ramos 
33 x 31 CM 
13 x 12¼"

This is the smaller version of the limited series with the same name (ref. 01001871), but this is an open series, and features a different decoration. The decoration resembles closer to Klimts original painting. For instance, the man's cloak in golden colors. The whole of the piece stands out for its coloring, and is full of detail. Particularly remarkable is the contrast between the matt and light bodies and the colors of the clothes and hair. Also available as a promotional gift set.

Thursday, February 07, 2019


Issue Year: 2013 
Sculptor: José Luis Santes 
Size: 41x31 cm

Passion and love as we have never seen before in a Lladró work. This is a highly sculptural piece with a high technical complexity and a faithful anatomical reproduction of the bodies of the lovers, from the musculature of the man’s torso to the little veins which stand out on his feet because of the posture.

Tuesday, February 05, 2019



Dimensions: 5.91 x 7.48 inches 
Sculptor: Marco Antonio Nogueron 
Release year 2018 
Base included 
Limited edition certifed 
Lladró Assurance included

Lladro 01006475 Happy Anniversary

Dimensions: 32 x 21 cm 
Sculptor: José Puche 
Release year 1997