Friday, July 22, 2022

Lladro 01009558 Just you and me


Height (cm) 49
Width (cm) 19
Length (cm) 16
Porcelain Type Matte
Sculptor José Luis Santes

Sculpture masterfully capturing a couple in a warm, passionate embrace.

The sculptural ability of Lladró artists is readily evinced in creations like this. The superb modeling of the bodies is further accentuated by the use of matte porcelain whose texture and definition make it the perfect vehicle for expression. Just You and Me conveys the deep bond produced by a warm embrace, by love and by moments of intimacy that make you forget everything else.

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Thursday, July 21, 2022


Height (cm) 20
Width (cm) 16
Length (cm) 12
Porcelain Type Gloss
Sculptor Antonio Ramos

Porcelain figurine of a girl sitting on a stone with a large pamela carrying a pile of pink flowers in her arms.

One of the best examples of a classic Lladró piece. A charming young woman with a spectacular bouquet of the most beautiful flowers, delicately modelled, petal by petal, by the expert hands of the best Lladró artists.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Lladro 01001759 TEA IN THE GARDEN


Height (cm) 60
Width (cm) 52
Length (cm) 47
Finished Gloss
Limited Serie Units 2000

Limited edition sculpture of women drinking tea, decorated with handmade gloss finish porcelain flowers.

Lladró figurines often reference a timeless romanticism, an undefined but still extremely familiar world in space and time. Here, we find all that is good, noble and beautiful in life. Such is the case with ´The Tea´, which presents us with a peaceful, evocative scene. The key to the realism and beauty of this work is its mise-en-scene, in which the delicate figures of the protagonists and precise decoration of their surroundings take on significance. This High Porcelain limited edition captures the refinement of an entire era, in a bucolic scene reflecting the leisurely cadence of a unique moment. Special mention should be given to the roughly 300 flowers, some of which form a complex bower and which posed a technical challenge to Lladró experts, particularly in firing. The fans and dresses of the three ladies are enhanced with embroidery and hand-painted prints and lace. More than 70 colours have been used for decoration of a piece full of the minute details which turn the entire piece into a masterpiece.

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Monday, July 18, 2022

Lladro 01002019 Medieval Knight


Sculptor Francisco Polope
Height (cm) 57
Width (cm) 79
Length (cm) 29
Finished Gloss
Limited Serie Units 500

A glazed porcelain creation that transports us to a world of legends sung by troubadours, where we are first-hand eye witnesses of the adventures of an impressive knight dressed from head to toe in shining armor and mounted on his faithful steed.

This exclusive High Porcelain piece is a limited edition of 500 units. Made in glazed porcelain, the knight’s costume and parts of the horse’s harness are decorated with a newly created bluing luster which manages to emulate the characteristic dark grey metallic color of the chainmail worn by knights at the time. Blue and white tones combined with golden lusters were used for the clothing. Carried out with great attention to detail, the work is composed of 71 fragments taken from 58 different molds. Particularly noteworthy is the sense of movement conveyed by the knight and his steed, thanks to Lladró’s artists’ consummate control of sculptural technique and of the expressive potential of porcelain.

Friday, July 15, 2022

Lladro 01008714 Goodnight My Angel


Height (cm) 35
Width (cm) 9
Length (cm) 11
Porcelain Type Gloss
Sculptor Javier Molina

Glossy porcelain figurine of a mother in a long white nightie making a tender gesture of affection to her baby in her arms.

Tenderness, sweetness, warmth, all the attributes that we associate with motherhood in a delightful creation that stands out for its simplicity and for the perfection of its modelling. A glossy porcelain piece decorated in soft pastel colours, ideal as a gift to a mother.

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Lladro 01009135 PLAYFUL PUPPY


Height (cm) 11
Width (cm) 11
Length (cm) 14
Porcelain Type Gloss
Sculptor Julio Fernández

Glossy white and brown porcelain frisky dog figurine.

He always knows how to bring out a smile with his playfulness, haring about and mischievous antics. He knows that, no matter how tired you are, he will get you to play with him for a while, because he is your best friend. A glossy porcelain piece, decorated in pastel colours, ideal for animal lovers, as a gift, collector's item or decoration.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2022



Height (cm) 24
Width (cm) 13
Length (cm) 11
Porcelain Type Gloss
Sculptor Antonio Ramos

A glossy porcelain figurine girl wearing a bunch of flowers with a large pamela and two braids on her skirt.

This lovely girl shows the flowers she has picked on her walk through an idyllic spring meadow. A spectacular bouquet, skilfully crafted petal by petal by the Lladró artists, with careful precision and a firm hand.

Monday, July 11, 2022

Lladro 01009374 Beautiful Catrina


Height (cm) 31
Width (cm) 19
Length (cm) 15
Porcelain Type Gloss
Sculptor Raul Rubio
LE 500

Limited edition Mexican Bella Catrina figurine in black gloss finish porcelain, adorned with three handmade flowers.

The people of Mexico have a special relationship with death, to the point that it is part of the culture and daily life of this North American country. The Bella Catrina, conceived in the imagination of the artist Jose Guadalupe Posada, has become part of this rich, popular iconography. This limited edition is richly decorated with colourful motifs characteristic of Mexican tradition and three spectacular flowers carefully modelled, petal by petal. In addition, there is a brass earring with two micron 18K gold plating and decorated with porcelain. The antique golden base is inseparably attached to the piece.

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Friday, July 08, 2022

Lladro 01009172 LOOK AT MY DRESS


Height (cm) 20
Width (cm) 12
Length (cm) 6
Porcelain Type Gloss
Sculptor Javier Molina

Glossy porcelain figurine of a girl y taking her white and blue dress with shoes of the same color.

She feels pretty but a bit strange in her new dress. It's the first time she's dressed up for a party and she wants to make a good impression. A glossy porcelain piece, decorated in pastel colours, ideal as a gift, collectible or decoration.

Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Lladro 01008330 HAPPY ENCOUNTER


Height (cm) 30
Width (cm) 14
Length (cm) 11
Porcelain Type Gloss
Sculptor Virginia González

A glossy porcelain figurine of a young couple giving each other a hug in a modern outfit highlighting the floral decoration of the flying skirt.

A young couple meet each other with an happy embrace. He is dressed in a contemporary casual style, easy to identify with the image of any present-day man. The woman is wearing a bright dress with a full skirt and a low neckline that reveals a portion of her back. But it is the combination of the two that conveys the true meaning of the piece. The scene as a whole expresses a feeling of plenitude and joy that only comes from love. It is a happy encounter.

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Monday, July 04, 2022

Lladro 01009390 Following The Path Elephants

Height (cm) 13
Width (cm) 23
Length (cm) 15
Porcelain Type Gloss
Sculptor Ernest Massuet

This porcelain figurine portrays a couple of elephants. A grand fresco of wildlife in the African savannah, one of the most awe-inspiring natural settings.

These lovable elephants are part of African Savannah, the impressive masterpiece that depicts a group of animals on a journey along an age-old route in search of water. Made in glazed porcelain and decorated in soft pastel tones, they can be acquired separately or with the rest of the animals included in this striking composition. An ideal creation to give as a gift to lovers of animals and nature. Handcrafted in Spain.


Friday, July 01, 2022

Lladro 01006862 AN ELEGANT TOUCH


Height (cm) 15
Width (cm) 13
Length (cm) 8
Porcelain Type Gloss
Sculptor José Santaeulalia

Glossy porcelain girl figurine with a red ribbon decorating her dress, putting a hat on her puppy with a flower in her hand.

The puppy puts up with his mistress' games with resignation. Anything to see her happy! A heart-warming and amusing scene, made in glossy porcelain and decorated in soft pastel colours. Ideal as a gift, a collector's item or decoration.


Thursday, June 30, 2022

Lladro 01007192 MY FAIR LADY (RE-DECO)


Height (cm) 36
Width (cm) 23
Length (cm) 21
Porcelain Type Matte and silver lustre
Sculptor Francisco Polope

White matte porcelain lady figurine decorated with glossy silver and matte luster with large flowers and delicate petals with tulle.

The Re-Deco concept gives a new life to the classic pieces of the Lladró catalogue through a new and striking decorative approach. This refined lady takes on a much more contemporary style, thanks to the contrast between the matte white porcelain finish and the silver lustre that lifts the embroidery of the beautiful dress and other details of the piece.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022



Height (cm) 27
Width (cm) 63
Length (cm) 33
Porcelain Type Matte
Sculptor José Luis Santes

Matte white porcelain sculpture of a couple where the anatomy is shown in detail, from the man's musculature to the small veins that appear in his hands as a result of the posture.

Love is fullness, togetherness and warmth. The artists of Lladró have managed to capture the essence of this universal feeling in this creation, which combines realism with delicacy, emotion with beauty. A matte white porcelain piece, with strong decorative impact.

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