Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Lladro 01009753 Abundance Mudra


Weight 5.07 lb
Finished Matte and gold luster
Height (in): 12.598
Width (in): 9.055
Length (in): 9.449
Sculptor Virginia González

Porcelain sculpture of the mudra, the sacred gesture of abundance.

Since time immemorial hand gestures have been a language in their own right, and their expressiveness and symbolism have made them is a way of communicating in themselves. With this creation, our artists have focused on the language of mudras, gestures that come from yoga and meditation practices from Hinduism and Buddhism. For the former, there is a total of 24 mudras, one for each hour of the day, with each one representing a series of different benefits. For the latter, they are gestures that predispose the body for meditation and help in concentration. Abundance Mudra is inspired by these age-old gestures. In this particular version, the hand is decorated with geometric patterns and plant motifs that are meticulously etched on the fingers. The hands rest on a sculpted flower with delicate petals handmade one by one. **Different tones of golden luster were used in the decoration of the etchings, some with a glazed finish and other matte. Meanwhile, the flower, handmade petal by petal, is decorated in a tone that combines yellow, pink and a subtle hint of gold. Abundance Mudra celebrates the wealth of life, the gifts it showers us with. And gratitude for all that life gives us.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Lladro 01009751 Together couple


Weight 11.68 lb
Finished Matte
Height (in): 12.205
Width (in): 12.598
Length (in): 14.173
Sculptor Ernest Massuet

Porcelain sculpture of an entwined couple

An excellent example of our artists’ mastery in sculpture, Together is a porcelain sculpture clearing evincing their consummate control of modeling the human body, volumes and balanced forms. White matte porcelain is the perfect medium to express warmth and to recreate with precision the details of the entwined bodies. Together is a work that manages to convey the connection and intimacy of two lovers, who seem to float in the air.

Monday, April 15, 2024

Lladro 01009750 Lilium chopsticks set


Weight 0.3 lb
Finished Matte and gold luster
Height (in): 1.575
Width (in): 9.055
Length (in): 5.512
Designer Susana Rodriguez
Sculptor Dept. Diseño y Decoración

Set of two porcelain flower-shaped chopstick rests.

Friday, April 12, 2024

Lladro 01009749 Spring has come Girl


Weight 1.97 lb
Finished Gloss
Height (in): 9.055
Width (in): 4.331
Length (in): 5.906
Sculptor Virginia González

Porcelain figurine of a girl wearing a hat with a bunch of flowers in her lap.

Spring Has Come recalls the wild fragrances of cool April mornings. This creation is handcrafted with maximum attention to detail, from the braided hair to the embroidery of the dress and the flowers set petal by petal. The soft pastel tones used in this glazed porcelain creation are the perfect vehicle to para reflect the ideal world of childhood, flowers and spring.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Lladro 01009745 Exquisite Embroidery


Limited Series of 300 units
Weight 2.87 lb
Finished Matte
Height (in): 14.961
Width (in): 5.512
Length (in): 5.512
Sculptor José Santaeulalia

Porcelain creation from the Haute Allure collection.

The petals of porcelain flowers, handmade one by one, are used to compose the delicate embroidery of the dress worn in this creation. This piece joins Haute Allure, a collection dedicated to the world of women’s fashion consisting of limited-edition pieces that exemplify the meticulousness and delicateness that can be achieved with handcrafted porcelain. The ornamentation work is exquisite and, in this case, it is combined with the degraded color of the skirt, applied in mother-of-pearl tones. The outfit is given a finishing touch with two red flowers whose pistils are decorated with golden luster.

Monday, April 08, 2024

Weight 3.42 lb
Finished Gloss
Height (in): 12.992
Width (in): 6.299
Length (in): 7.087
Sculptor Raul Rubio

Porcelain sculpture portraying a woman wearing a spectacular evening gown.

The 2024 annual piece is a creation with a refined silhouette, handcrafted in glazed porcelain. The sculptural treatment speaks to traditional portraits of elegant ladies. Worth underscoring is the movement conveyed by the dress and the deep graduated blue chosen for the decoration. Another notable detail that makes the creation stand out is the delicate flower the woman is holding in her hand: a rose handmade petal by petal.

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Thursday, April 04, 2024

Lladro 01009743 French bulldog with macarons Re-Deco


Weight 9.04 lb
Finished Matte and silver luster
Height (in): 9.449
Width (in): 11.417
Length (in): 13.78
Sculptor Raul Rubio

Porcelain sculpture of a cute French bulldog.

This lovable little bulldog who looks like butter would not melt in his mouth is caught playing with macarons. Made in white matte porcelain, it underscores the meticulous modeling of the dog’s anatomy. The decoration is pared down to just a few well-chosen touches of platinum luster. The end result is a creation that enhances the sculptural work and showcases a contemporary two-tone decoration. The two macarons and the rug on which the bulldog is playing are unattached accessories, allowing them to be arranged at will

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Lladro 01009742 Dragon Red (L.E.)


Limited Series of 888 units
Weight 2.14 lb
Finished Gloss, matte and metallic luster
Height (in): 6.299
Width (in): 7.874
Length (in): 5.512
Sculptor Joan Coderch

Porcelain creation inspired by a dragon, belonging to the Chinese Zodiac collection.

The dragon is an emblem of power and is also associated with strength, health, harmony, and good luck. According to the Chinese Zodiac, people born under this sign are honest, wise, creative, and understanding of others' feelings. The personality of the Dragon is energetic, vital, and dynamic. It is hardworking and efficient. This creation, adorned in red with golden luster and metallic effects, includes a golden ball, or "Smart Pearl," symbolizing luck and spiritual perfection. The piece comes with a wooden base. Under this sign are those born between following dates (dd/mm/yy): 23/1/1928-9/2/1929, 8/2/1940-26/1/1941, 27/1/1952-13/2/1953, 13/2/1964-1

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Lladro 01009741 Bulldog with lollipop Re-Deco


Weight 10.91 lb
Finished Matte and silver luster
Height (in): 12.992
Width (in): 12.992
Length (in): 10.236
Sculptor Raul Rubio

Porcelain sculpture of an English bulldog playing with a piece of candy.

We are introducing a new decoration for this cute little bulldog, who has been caught playing with a piece of candy. It is made in white matte porcelain, underscoring the meticulous modeling of the dog’s anatomy. The decoration is pared down to just a few well-chosen touches of platinum luster. The end result is a creation that enhances the sculptural work and showcases a contemporary two-tone decoration.

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Monday, March 25, 2024

Lladro 01009739 White rhino - Underwater


Weight 3.75 lb
Finished Gloss and Matte
Height (in): 8.661
Width (in): 17.717
Length (in): 7.48
Sculptor Ernest Massuet

White matte porcelain sculpture inspired by a rhino, one of the most awesome creatures in the animal kingdom.

This creation belongs to the Underwater collection, an emotional and sensorial tribute to life and the primeval element from which it came: water. It is a demonstration of how art, through the unique expression of porcelain, connects us with nature and celebrates it. Thanks to our artists’ consummate control of sculpture and decorative techniques developed specifically for these pieces, Underwater offers us an incomparable vision of the animal kingdom blended in with nature. The perfection of forms is combined with stunning decoration in degraded blue tones that achieve a quasi-real effect of immersion in water. The end result, as we can see in this majestic rhino, are contemporary creations not only with wonderful decorative potential but also capable of captivating us with their message and with their magnificent handcrafted elaboration in porcelain.

Friday, March 22, 2024

Lladro 01009734 Santa is here White-gold


Weight 3.75 lb
Finished Gloss, matte and metallic luster
Height (in): 12.992
Width (in): 6.693
Length (in): 5.906
Sculptor Virginia González

Online exclusive for a limited time only. Santa Claus in white and golden luster, a clearly festive decoration, perfect for one of the best-loved characters of the holiday season.

Made in white porcelain with touches of golden luster, this lovable Santa Claus who asks us not to give him away while he is delivering his gifts, stands out for its wealth of detail. The curls of his thick beard, the knowing nod he gives us, or the teddy bear sticking out of his sack. A piece in which Lladró artists were able to capture the true spirit of the most meaningful and family-based holiday in the year.

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Lladro 01009733 Nude with shawl. Metallic Sculpture


Weight 7.24 lb
Finished Matte
Height (in): 17.323
Width (in): 11.811
Length (in): 10.63
Sculptor Eva Maria Cuerva

Porcelain sculpture portraying a woman with an exquisitely decorated shawl.

Women and their world are the source of inspiration for this creation, reinterpreted through the decoration with the use of a color spectrum dominated by metallic finishes. The serene beauty of the woman and the silk shawl covering part of her body compose an idealized and evocative vision of the Spanish woman, now with a new expressive dimension in which the soft pastel tones, the metallic and mother-of-pearl finishes, and the delicate flower of white petals adorning her hair are particularly striking.