Wednesday, February 24, 2021



Height (cm) 21
Width (cm) 8
Length (cm) 7
Porcelain Type Gloss
Sculptor Alfredo Llorens

Girl figurine in glossy porcelain with long blue dress and butterflies perched on it and flowers on the floor.

The meadow is a wonderful place to go for a walk, it's a stunning day and the flowers are very beautiful, but what you like most are the butterflies; what beautiful colours! A glossy porcelain piece, decorated in the classic Lladró palette of pastel colours, ideal as a gift, as a collector's item or as a decoration.

Monday, February 22, 2021



Height (cm) 24
Width (cm) 13
Length (cm) 11
Porcelain Type Gloss
Sculptor Antonio Ramos

A glossy porcelain figurine girl wearing a bunch of carnations with a large pamela and two braids on her skirt.

This lovely girl shows the flowers she has picked on her walk through an idyllic spring meadow. A spectacular bouquet, skilfully crafted petal by petal by the Lladró artists, with careful precision and a firm hand.

Thursday, February 18, 2021



Height (cm) 20
Width (cm) 14
Length (cm) 11
Porcelain Type Gloss
Sculptor Alfredo Llorens

Glossy porcelain figurine of a girl with a hat sitting on a basket full of flowers watching a squirrel.

Delicious, fresh and full of spring. One of the charming Lladró girls, always surrounded by beautiful and delicate flowers, this time accompanied by a squirrel who appears inquisitively in the scene. A glossy porcelain piece, decorated in pastel colours, ideal as a gift, collectible or decoration.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021



Height (cm) 64
Width (cm) 30
Length (cm) 25
Porcelain Type Gloss
Sculptor José Puche

Glossy porcelain figurine allegory of the freedom of two women in long white dresses with floral motifs on a high wooden base.

Traditionally, freedom has been represented in the form of a woman. Similarly, in Allegory to freedom, a piece that dates back to 1991, it is the female figure that symbolises this universal value. The artists of Lladró have resolved this suggestive theme in a composition in which the canons of classical sculpture converge with a romantic,sweet and evocative aesthetic. Allegory to freedom is a balanced work of great energy. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Lladro 01009133 LET'S GO FOR A RIDE


Height (cm) 24
Width (cm) 15
Length (cm) 13
Porcelain Type Gloss
Sculptor Juan Ignacio Aliena

Girl figurine in glossy porcelain placing a blue ribbon to her dog sitting on a wheelbarrow full of handmade flowers. 

Friday, February 12, 2021

Lladro 01006830 LOVE LETTERS


Height (cm) 16
Width (cm) 15
Length (cm) 12
Porcelain Type Gloss
Sculptor Miguel Angel Santaeulalia

Figurine angel in glossy porcelain wearing a big bag full of pink hearts and a blue cap.

Our little cupid has so much love to share that he has become a charming postman with a huge sackful of hearts. A glossy porcelain piece, decorated in pastel colours, ideal as a gift, collectible or decoration.

Monday, February 08, 2021

Lladro 01008274 EVERLASTING LOVE


Height (in) 9.055
Width (in) 4.724
Length (in) 4.331
Porcelain Type Gloss
Sculptor Virginia González

Figurine of an engaged couple in glossy porcelain, she has a bouquet of white flowers and he has a dark blue suit.

Delicacy, affection and intimacy abound in this representation of a couple, a celebration of love in the form of two lovers whispering sweet nothings to each other. A piece of glossy porcelain that is perfect to share, to celebrate an anniversary and to remember it forever.

Thursday, February 04, 2021

Lladro 01005487 INGENUE


Height (in) 7.874
Width (in) 1.969
Length (in) 3.15
Porcelain Type Gloss
Sculptor José Puche

Figurine woman in glossy porcelain with elegant green dress decorated with a flower and a pearl necklace.

Youth, beauty, elegance and refinement. A beautiful girl arrives at the dance and all eyes turn to her. Glossy porcelain decorated in the classic Lladró pastel palette in a piece that is sure to delight lovers of traditional romantic creations.

Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Lladro 01008424 ROCOCO LADY ON SWING


Height (in) 14.173
Width (in) 9.055
Length (in) 8.661
Porcelain Type Gloss
Sculptor Alfredo Llorens

Glossy porcelain rococo lady figurine in a swing with pink flower details.

Here we see a highly feminine woman, sensual and self-assured, presented in a baroque language, casting aside other more languid or modest portrayals. This is a hedonistic piece that reflects the joie de vivre of these women, their carefree attitude to life, distanced from the cares of the world. The pieces are full of character and although based on a classic theme, they also have a modern look. The piece represents the day, with its light colours and floral embellishments, and forms a pair with the Rococo Lady at the Ball (01008423), which symbolises the night.

Monday, February 01, 2021

Lladro 01009532 Celestial Angel


Height (in) 12.598
Width (in) 12.598
Length (in) 8.661
Porcelain Type Matte
Sculptor Ernest Massuet

This angel, inspired by the cherubs of the Italian renaissance, is made with matte white porcelain decorated with enamels in soft tones.

Angels have a leading place among Lladró creations. The combination of their symbolism, commonly associated with a protective role, and their image, at times ethereal and other times sweet and lovable, make for a very ready connection. This creation, which contain 24 flowers, 14 in the crown and 10 in the bouquet, are handmade petal by petal.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Lladro 01008032 THE BEST OF FRIENDS


Height (in) 8.661
Width (in) 4.724
Length (in) 3.543
Porcelain Type Gloss
Sculptor Javier Molina

Girl figurine in glossy porcelain with long white dress with pink ribbon playing around lifting her puppy.

They have only just met and already they know that they are at the beginning of a great friendship. A glossy porcelain piece, decorated in the classic Lladró palette of pastel colours, ideal as a gift, as part of a collection or as a decoration.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Lladro 01006856 HEAVENLY LOVE


Height (in) 7.087
Width (in) 3.15
Length (in) 3.543
Porcelain Type Gloss
Sculptor Begoña Jauregui

Porcelain angel figurine of a bright little girl with her bunny rabbit in her arms and tiara of flowers adorning her hair. 

The tender and innocent creatures also have angels who care for them lovingly. A glossy porcelain creation decorated in soft pastel colours, perfect as a gift, a collectible or a decoration.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Lladro 01008388 MACAW BIRD


Height (in) 19.685
Width (in) 7.874
Length (in) 7.874
Porcelain Type Gloss
Sculptor Joan Coderch

Porcelain macaw sculpture on a trunk decorated with bright colors and enamels

A faithful reproduction of this tropical and exotic bird in classic glossy porcelain, but painted with enamels to achieve the strong colours of the natural feathers of this tropical bird. Enamels are used on a large area. For this reason it is probably one of the pieces with the most intense and striking colours. The blue of the back feathers is unique in the range, and a complete divergence from the soft watercolour effect of traditional Lladró classic porcelain. Almost real size

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Lladro 01011953 CONTENTMENT


Height (in) 16.142
Width (in) 14.567
Length (in) 12.598
Porcelain Type Matte
Sculptor Begoña Jauregui
Limited Serie Units 2000

Limited series matte porcelain figurine of a mother hugging her child decorated with blue enamels.