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Issue Year: 2009 
Sculptor: Virginia González 
Size: 47x26 cm 
Base included 
Limited Edition 2000 pieces

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Lladro 12512 BUDDHA I

Issue Year: 2007 
Sculptor: Marco Antonio Noguerón 
Size: 27x16 cm

This piece and ref. 01012513 represent a head of Budda in the so called grecobudistic style from the Ghandara area. Buddha I is the most femenine, with narrow lips and a wider bun on her hair.

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Lladro 01759 TEA IN THE GARDEN

Size: 24x20 3/4"
Tamaño: 60x52 cm
Base included
Year 1992
Limited Edition - 2000 pieces

Lladró figurines are very often based on a timeless romanticism, another dimension, indefinable yet somehow familiar. You'll find all of life's good, noble and beautiful elements there. "Tea in the Garden" is a piece that transports us to this peaceful and evocative 'somewhere.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Lladro 09264 RABBIT

Issue Year: 2016 
Sculptor: Marco Antonio Noguerón 
Size: 12x13 cm

It is said that there is not just one single reality because our imagination is able to transform it at will. And that is exactly what the Lladró artists have done in the Origami collection, which name is inspired by the abstraction of the Japanese art of folding paper. The animal kingdom, a subject matter in which the brand has always deployed its full creative potential, is interpreted here with a geometric focus removed from any realist vision, offering us a faceted image with manifold sides. Pieces in the perfect size to be combined in any contemporary interiors.

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Lladro 05765 HATS OFF TO FUN

Issue Year: 1991 
Retirement Year: 1995 
Sculptor: Salvador Furió
Size: 40,5x0 cm 

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Montinas wishes you a Happy Diwali

Montinas wishes you a Happy Diwali

Lladro from Spain

#happydiwali #lladrofromspain #porcelain

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Issue Year: 2017 
Sculptor: José Luis Santes 
Size: 27x33 cm

#lladro #love #everlastingmoment #porcelain

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Issue Year: 2017 
Sculptor: Marco Antonio Noguerón
Size: 31x18 cm 

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Lladro 08249 NOSTALGIA

Issue Year: 2006 
Sculptor: José Javier Malavia 
26 x 33 CM 
10¼ x 13" 
A melancholic harlequin continues in the same line as the famous figurine Sad Harlequin, for decades the best illustration of the pronounced stylization of the pieces that marked the Lladró style back in the 60s. In the creation of this new figurine, the Lladró artists took their inspiration from Picasso¿s famous painting Arlequín pensativo from his blue period. It belongs to the Lladro Utopia Collection.

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Lladro 08722 GYRFALCON

Issue Year: 2013 
Sculptor: Juan Ignacio Aliena 
Size: 41x35 cm 
Limited Edition 3000 pieces

#lladro #gyrfalcon #falcon #porcelain

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Lladro 01905 MAJESTIC SWAN

Issue Year: 2005 
47 x 40 CM 
18ž x 16" 
Base included. 
Limited Edition : 1000 Units

The swan is noted for the elegance of its long neck and its unconditional loyalty. Indeed, once they have chosen a partner, the couple remains together for the rest of their lives. It is a piece with great technical complexity in the aerial composition. Its firing is also difficult due to its fragile long neck, since the porcelain must withstand high kiln temperatures without breaking or bending. The water lilies are another attractive feature of the piece with this highly original flower worked in detail. The glazes used to depict the water in motion are also very successfully executed.

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On Mother's Day, tell her how important it is to have her by your side.
Choose Lladró and spoil Mom with the gift she deserves. 

Lladro from Spain - Montinas

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On Mother's Day, tell her how important it is to have her by your side.
Choose Lladró and spoil Mom with the gift she deserves. 

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Lladro Tiger

Issue Year: 2017 
Sculptor: Alfredo Llorens 
Size: 26x52 cm