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Issue Year: 2009 
Sculptor: Ernest Massuet 
Size: 13x42 cm

The femenine face of this angel is remarkable for its mellancholical young beauty, and its anatomical proportions and white skin are also a sign of perfect beauty. The wings are fully realistic, showing the layers of feathers in a celestial blue. The angel wears a bracelet adorned with ivy green and brown autuum leaves. It resembles 01018235-36 Beautiful / Wonderful Angel although the skin, wings and hair have different shades and this piece is bigger in proportions. White satin matte porcelain in soft colors.

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Issue Year: 2012 
Sculptor: Marco Antonio Noguerón 
Size: 35x28 cm 
Base included 
Limited Edition 2000 pieces

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Lladro 08568 JAZZ TRIO

Issue Year: 2011 
Sculptor: José Luis Santes 
Size: 35x30 cm 
Limited Edition 3000 pieces 

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Size: 26x28"
Tamaño: 65x70 cm
Year 1992
Glazed Porcelain

The white feathers, the long supple neck and the impressive carriage of the swan have often served as sources of inspiration for Lladró artists. Back in 1992, the visual and expressive possibilities offered by the representation of this beautiful creature gave rise to the creation of "Swans Take Flight". The dynamic composition of the piece manages to transmit all the power and grace of the moment when a pair of swans take flight. The highly realist figurine captures the slender outline of these birds which have graced the arts and mythology since ancient times with evocative images of beauty.

Friday, November 06, 2015


Issue Year: 2013 
Sculptor: Francisco Polope 
Size: 47x26 cm 
Limited Edition 1500 pieces

These guardian lions are inspired by the traditional statues that flank the doors and gates to palaces, temples and noble houses in various oriental countries. Lladró has dressed these creatures in profusely ornamented armor. Normally guardian lions did not wear armor but Lladró included the breastplates to reinforce the protective mission of the lions, adding to their fierce appearance. The green enamels used to decorated these lions underlines the connection with Oriental culture.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Lladro 08729 MATADOR (RED)

Issue Year: 2013 
Sculptor: José Javier Malavia 
Size: 46x43 cm 
Limited Edition 250 pieces

Wednesday, November 04, 2015