Friday, July 30, 2004

The Pulse of Africa...

The Pulse of Africa is the first Lladró collection dedicated exclusively to African themes.It comprises five gres pieces inspired by the simple forms of carved wood sculptures, masks and tribal paintings.The Pulse of Africa pays tribute to the purity of forms and the expressive and abstract values of African art. The sculpture African Man represents a zebu shepherd while African Woman depicts the typical seller of handmade crafts. In turn, Zebu, Marabou and Oryx are animals which are highly prized in Africa.The dark tones of the decoration and original ornamentation of all the pieces in a wide range of chromatic nuances thanks to the combination of glazes, enhance the ethnic nature of the collection

01012470 "ZEBU" Issue Year: 2004 (20 x 26 CM) (8 x 10½")

The zebu is a variety of common ox. It is a domesticated animal in India and in Africa.

JBE Joier

Thursday, July 29, 2004

The last "Subtle Moonlight" available...

The last "Subtle Moonlight" is still available, don't lose the opportunity to purchase this unique Lladro figurine.

Issue Year: 2002
Height: 52 CM
Base included
Serial Elements: 500
Retirement Year: 2003
Sculptor: José Luis Santes

JBE Joier

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Spaces full of life

The Lladro concept of decoration is ideal for a variety of distinct ambiences. The story of each sculpture finds a different ending depending on its setting.

JBE Joier

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Preparing orders to ship right now...

We have received our last back order from Lladro factory and we are preparing all the Lladro figurines and packages in order to ship them ASAP. If you are waiting for one of our Lladro figurines you'll receive an e-mail notifying you that it's going to be shipped this morning.

JBE Joier

Monday, July 26, 2004

Visit to the City of Porcelain...

Visit Lladro factory in Valencia (Spain).

City of Porcelain
· Carretera Alboraya s/n 46016
Tavernes Blanques Valencia Spain
· Tel. (toll free only from Spain): 900 211 010
· Tel. International: +34 963 187 008
· Fax +34 96 185 02 37
· e-mail:

Book your visit to the City of Porcelain


- Approximate duration of visit
to the City of Porcelain is 1,5 hours.

- Lladro Customer Attention phone
Spain: 900 21 10 10
Rest of the world: +34 963 187 008

- We recommend booking
fifteen days in advance

More information at Visit to Lladro factory

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Friday, July 23, 2004

Opening earlier on Saturday morning...

Tomorrow Saturday morning we are opening a little bit earlier to receive one of our customers who is going to visit us after contacting us on-line a long time ago, we love these mettings.

JBE Joier

Baby shower at Lladro center on Rodeo Drive (L.A.)

More than 300 guests attended Tichina Arnold’s baby shower –a party in which friends and relatives give gifts for the baby– at the Lladró Center on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles.

The guests included Juanita Jordan, the wife of basketball legend Michael Jordan; the actress A.J. Johnson; Kenya Moore, a former Miss America; Nicole Murphy, wife of the actor and comedian Eddie Murphy, and other stars from the worlds of sports, fashion and show business.

JBE Joier

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Monday, July 19, 2004

Belgium Lladro Event...

FLOWER EVENT 2004. Antwerpen (Belgium)

Date: 08/10/2004 - 10/10/2000 (dd/mm/yyyy)
Where: CUPIDO. Blauwmoezelstraat 2. Antwerpen
Contact: Tel. 0032 3 232 67 76

JBE Joier

Friday, July 16, 2004

Natural Frames - Introductions 2004

Issue Year: 2004
11 x 11 CM
4½ x 4½"

Introductions 2004

JBE Joier

Lladro Privilege represents a universe of privileges...

"Lladro Privilege represents a universe of privileges with which the company wishes to say “thank you” to its most devoted clients, a meeting point via which true lovers of our creations are able to enjoy exclusive figures, including the Annual Privilege Piece (represented this year by Gardens of Athens)."

We are receiving more questions about Privilege Society, we are answering all your questions, anyway we suggest you to take a look on Lladro website at Lladro Privilege Society

All the Privilege Lladro Collection is available in our shop, please ask us for more information at

JBE Joier

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

We are very proud of our clients and their feedbacks...

We love to hear from you and we are very proud of our customers feedback...

"My experience with JBE Joier LLadro was top notch. I found their prices to be the best and sent them a number of inquiries which they answered quickly and professionally. My Lladro was delivered within a week of the order."

"This transaction was exceptionally easy and was far beyond the service I expected. It was both quick and easy and I was kept informed at all times by e-mail. It has also made me realise that I will never again struggle home from holiday with Lladron when it can be delivered to the door in less than 7 ays from ordering. I wish this company every success in their business andI am glad I found them!"

"This was my first experience ordering on=line and I found it very easy. I was totally satisfied with the acknowledgement of the order and the care taken that everything was delivered to my satisfaction. Excellent people to deal with. It was a great first experience!"

"Thank you so much for such a fantastic shopping experience with your on-line store. Your customer service, speedy delivery and excellent price are the reasons why I will be buying from you again... I will be in Spain this year and look forward to calling into your store.. Keep up the fantastic work, and thank you so much for making our wedding day extra special.. John"

"When you are purchasing LLadro, you are essentially purchasing Art and Art is what brings me Joy and Pride of ownership. It is imparative for the total experience, that the act or process of accquition be, at a certain level, as enjoyable and rewarding as the ownership of the Art itself. When I gaze upon my LLadro accquired from JBE Joier I know that I got a great price, quick delivery - Fed EX Priority, and excellent service - I feel good. I highly recommend JBE Joier for all your LLardo purchases both big and small."

That's the best prize to our service!

JBE Joier LLadro Official Spanish Dealer - customers feedback

JBE Joier

#12468 Spanish passion

Two really nice Lladro figurines, references #12467 "Spanish Fire" and #12468 "Spanish Passion", enjoy them in our shop on-line at Lladro Ethnic Setion.

#12468 Spanish passion

JBE Joier

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

2004 Lladro events. San Marino (Italy)



Date: 15/07/2004 - 25/07/2004 (dd/mm/yyyy)
Where: VENERUCCI. CONTRADA DEL COLLEGIO 28. SAN MARINO Contact: Tel. 0549/992981

JBE Joier

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Two new Lladro figurines... (Spanish Fire - Spanish Passion)

Two really nice Lladro figurines, references #12467 "Spanish Fire" and #12468 "Spanish Passion", enjoy them in our shop on-line at Lladro Ethnic Setion.

#12467 Spanish Fire

JBE Joier

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Lladro retirements for December 2004

Lladro has announced the retirement of 216 figurines effective 31 December 2004. This number is higher than normal. It is important to note that these figurines are still available at our shop on-line until next December. If you are interested in the list of retirements please contact us at

JBE Joier

Last update on Lladro introductions 2004

We've just updated the last introductions 2004, we invite you to visit our section with the new Lladro Introductions 2004

JBE Joier

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Shipping now...

We are right now shipping some of our last backorders to Lladro factory, we'll keep you informed with an e-mail.

JBE Joier

Edu is on vacations

Edu is on vacations, have a great vacations Edu!

JBE Joier

Friday, July 02, 2004

Still in the Top Ten ref. #08029 The happiest day

Amazing success of this nice Lladro figurine.

#08029 The happiest day

If you want to see this nice LLadro figurine in detail in our shop in Barcelona click here

JBE Joier

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Jose Antonio is faster than my computer...

It's amazing how Jose Antonio can remember all the reference numbers, I ask him for any reference number and he gives me all the information I need faster than a computer. You are a good help Jose Antonio.

JBE Joier

I forgot to tell you the reference numbers...

These Lladro figurines are only available in Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Gibraltar (I forgot to tell you the reference numbers before)

#08093 Little Tamer

#08092 The Magician`s Hat

#08060 A volar

You'll find them in our shop on-line at New LLadro Introductions 2004.

JBE Joier

Three new Lladro figurines ...

Three new Lladro figurines only available in Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Gibraltar.

#08092 The Magician`s Hat

JBE Joier

Lat news and weblog in our main domain...

Now you can read our last news and weblog on-line from our main domain

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